Focused Pain, especially along the spine. Treatment for a herniate disc.


Bulging or herniated discs can cause discomfort or even pain along your spine, sometimes pinching the nerve. Holistic treatment options may help reduce or remove pain.

What is a Herniated Disc?

The rubbery substance between your backbone is called a disc. Inside this rubbery disc is a softer disc that can become irritated and push through a crack or space in the tougher exterior disc casing. When this happens, you can experience a pinched nerve. This irritation can cause pain in the form of numbness or weakness. Here are some treatment tips to help reduce or remove pain before it’s too late.

Exercise – Proactive movement can help reduce pain. Aerobic activity for 20-30 minutes 5 days a week is a great way to reduce or eliminate pain.

Stretching – Various exercises can increase physical function and improve flexibility. Hamstring stretches can relieve lumber pain while extension exercises (also known as “Press Ups”) can help reduce pain in the legs. Press Ups are similar to “Push Ups” except your entire body starts on the floor and the only part the lifts is your chest and abdomen as you bend at the hips.

Heating Pad – The combination of heat and pressure can help soothe painful muscles or joints. Often times, this method can help with bulging discs.

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